Angelo Cavaleri

Angelo Cavalieri was born in Licata, from Sicily on 25/01/1987. He comes from a family of musicians, where started passion for music. In the early age he performed as dj in private parties, his sound became more and more tasteful, until in 2004 he knew one of the most famous sicilian "one night", EnzoRockets, starting a new collaboration as dj-set, working in the most important console “Taitu Giardini naxos" – "Marab├╣ Taormina" – "The end Catania" – "Mosquito Catania" – "Vola Catania" – "Kaos Niscemi" ( CL ) – "Villa dei pini San cataldo" ( CL ) – "La Danaide Licata" ( AG ). Actually he's part of AFC ( Atmosphere Fashion Club ) as Dj-resident, where he states;