Department of Future Denken

Play what you preach. As a team of DJs, DoFD is dedicated to the constant redefinition of style and music trend. As the successors of generations of electronic music it is their duty to further high-quality and progressive club sound. Motivated by the future but living for the moment, DoFD embodies a fresh style in the quest for innovation. Be it at underground clubs or parties, DoFD always finds its home where mere movement reflects sheer ecstasy. The constant search for the vibes of the moment and inducing pure euphoria just through music is ensured by a dynamic live performance from the duo from Berlin and Heidelberg. It is on the interface of Minimal, Electro and Tech-House where both newcomers offer an exhilarating, near-medative dance experience through their own polished compositions and sets created with passion and presented with pride at renowned venues such as GMF @ Weekend (Berlin) and Karlstorbahnhof (Heidelberg). The attention to detail coupled with the demand for quality are the foundations for the music born through DoFD. Their objective, their philosophy, their devotion. Our music...