Domy Castellano

"Giandomenico Castellano, aka Domy, is 18 years old and born in Bitonto from a family of creative people. From birth, along with his brother Mario Alberto, lives in the fashion creations of his mother Marisa and the great passions of automobile mechanics and flight with his father Franco. Giandomenico, then, having inherited from his maternal grandfather Angelo Domenico so-called "talent" music - is proof of the so-called "perfect pitch" which he owns - he began studying piano (with his older brother Mario Alberto) since the age of 7 years and currently is continuing his studies of the 5th year of the conservatory, under the guidance of Maestro Roberto CorlianĂ². These studies are continuing under the imprint of an informal discipline, combined with a large and bright enthusiasm that makes Giandomenico a young expert in the study of classical music, is also very strong willingness and the dedication of Giandomenico towards gender Electronic music: it is precisely with their detailed knowledge of the above two types of music, which has gained Giandomenico the aim of creating a perfect union in an attempt to make similar deep and essential differences between the two types music. Giandomenico has already graduated in theory, sight-singing and dictation music, thanks to a brilliant result achieved in the conservatory, and currently attending the third year of high school classic. Thus, the assiduous study of technical and musical composition, ranging in scope, coupled with the equally strong passion (and obligation) of Djing, Giandomenico is bringing to appear to the world of music business, with the crucial help of supporters, with a growing This Uncle Franco: his experience in show-biz, it is essential to establish (and keep) an intense and enduring musical journey, with quality."