Matteo Domenici ( Daze Foxx )

(Daze Foxx Aka Matteo Domenici was born in Rome in 1984, his passion for house music discovers at the age of 14 years and from there it was love at first beat. He begins to attend the festivities of the coolest views of Rome and Italian (docshow, starscake, juice of juice, etc..) And the passion for this goes up and more. With the passage of time begins to travel around europe ibiza, london, barcelona, munchen changing his musical influences ... until one summer with 4 friends, landing in a place that definitely return ... this place is named after Berlin, the heart of the scene electro / minimal European.

Minimal percussion sounds and rhythms surround you while you wait like magic the first light of dawn sitting on the bench of the watergate. That experience led him to no more than to stay away from that city some time '.. so just have a chance 'makes it return. This seeks to convey the magic in each bringing its own set .. sounds and vibrations from the city 'that he loves so much! ........)