Miss 4Play

Miss 4Play is a deejay and producer from The Netherlands

With her primary need for dance, excitement and music, her inexhaustible energy as well as her talent and having performed as an all-round aerobics instructor for more then a decade, it was obvious it was only a matter of time before this “Cool Dutch Chick” started mixing records herself and became addicted to spinning the wheels. This chick with skills has given new meaning to a “Dutch Treat”

In no time she has managed to firmly establish herself alongside some of the biggest and finest deejays and has performed in most trendy and leading clubs in The Netherlands and is now producing her own tracks as well.

Her exceptional taste and choice of music can be described and experienced as a cocktail of pure, naughty, sensual, happy and basic beatz served with a slice of positive energy soaked in tickling and thrilling underbelly basses.