Patrik Prelovsky

Patrik Prelovsky started to play vynils in 2001,when I was 17 years old. At that time he was focusing mainly on techno and he was trying to follow artists like (Carola, Liebing, Kanzyani, Umek...) After not an easy period at the beggining he is now at the situation of playing around the clubs in Czech republic Thanks to company Sonny Erricsson he was actively involved in their tour focusing on DJ´s school which was presented in the most famous festivals happening in Czech republic (Hrad House, Summer Of Love, Rock For People, Hip Hop Camp.... ) Since the time software DJ´s became popular he has started thinking about composing his own music while the classic work of DJ´s has been made less needed and requested. After some time (2011) of composing the music in my studio I was approached by Bonsai Progressive Label for cooperation