Yunus Emre Guvenc

Yunus Emre Guvenç launched his music career in 2000 on İstanbul-Turkey as a DJ. He then studied sound engineering and music production.
He worked for many singers, rock bands, orchestra as a tonmaister and sound engineer and been in music studios for recordings.

Yunus Emre, who makes music in several genres like  House, Deep House,
Tech-House, produced music in various fields like commercial jingles,
remixes, and tv generics. He also played in various night clubs and
festivals as a resident or guest DJ, and music director.

Crystal, Fashion TV Beach, Venue, Anjelique, Republic, Twenty, Reina,
Cantina, Supper Club, Cafe Del Mar, North Shields, Muamma, Hakkasan are some of the main clubs he played.

Yunus Emre runs a music, sound, light production company in İstanbul named ReferansMusic and produce music in his own studio.