Giuseppe Antonino

Giuseppe Antonino, was born in Bitonto by a family rigid and affect​ionate. Since he was a child together with his brother Michael, has grown with the passion for style and fashion of the mother Isabella and with musical enthusiasm of his father Franco. Joseph, therefore, has a musical talent not indiff​erent: proof of this is his "ear absolute" .At an early age was struggling with the guitar and piano, self-t​aught. Giando​menico Castellano, his best friend, is helping him with the practice of harmony and composition for piano. He is very taken by electronic music, and is fascinated by the world of music business. In the band adolescent discovers therefore, the Underground culture is beginning to express themselves as disc jockey in various local area and not, thanks to his compos​itions and his creativity. The strong dedication toward electronic music leads him to want to create a musical route of high quality and profes​sional​ism by involving all his artistic side.